About the Program

“The World’s Only Physical Precious Metals Dividend Program”

Gold Resource Corporation (GRC) and GBI are pleased to announce the
world’s only physical precious metals dividend program. GRC shareholders now have the option
to convert their cash dividend into physical gold and/or silver, providing direct exposure to
physical precious metals.

Shareholders/Clients have access to an online automated trading platform where they can open an account, choose how they would like to invest, and manage their future holdings.

The process is simple and easy:


Click here to open an account. Opening an account usually takes about 10 minutes.
Please note: shares held in retirement accounts are not eligible for this program.


On the 11th of every month, or the first business day thereafter (the “Record Date”),
your dividend will be determined and allocated to your Bullion Account.


On the 23rd of every month, or the first business day thereafter (the “Payment Date”)
based on your investment instructions, cash dividends are automatically converted into physical gold and silver
on your behalf.


You can access the online platform any time to review the status of your Bullion Account,
review your conversion options, sell or deliver your holdings. A statement is issued
monthly providing you a convenient overview of your Bullion Account.

For more details on this one of a kind program, please visit our featured
products, or review our frequently asked questions.